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“We’re passionate about your success…”

Imagine losing 10, 20, 30 or more pounds. How would your life change?
Those are exactly the types of results we’ve been providing for our clients. We guarantee you’ll be blown away by what you can accomplish when you become part of our fit family.

Total Body Workouts

High intensity workouts for women to lose fat fast and tone muscles. We use interval training, circuit training and cardio to burn up to 600 calories in 30 minutes. You’ll workout in a group setting so you can motivate and inspire each other.

Practical Nutrition

Ask about our NEW Online nutrition program. We offer customizable nutrition plans based on your food preferences and goals,  including recipes and grocery lists. Plus, you get nutrition accountability to keep you motivated and on track, all delivered to you Online.

Online 1-on-1 Coaching

Can’t get to the gym? No problem! We now offer an exculsive 1-on-1 Online personal coaching option. You get customized, high intensity training delivered to your phone so you can do your workouts at home with minimal equipment. Plus, you get accountability and 24/7 access to a personal training coach for guaranteed success.

Complimentary Kid’s Corner

We started our gym with busy moms in mind. Bring the kids. We’ll watch them while you get a great workout, and set a positive example for living a healthy lifestyle.

No Contracts

There’s no pressure of long term contracts. We have month-to-month plans available so you can commit to your fitness on your terms.

Life Changing

Our programs have helped hundreds of women in the Temecula area change the way they look and feel through our emphasis on lifestyle change.


“Let me coach you FREE for 7 days!”

My name is Veronica, founder of Flexx Fitness and I help women lose unwanted lbs so they can feel healthy, sexy and vibrant without restrictive diets or boring cardio.

I want to coach you free for 7 days!


Because I know what it’s like to not love your body. 😔

For a long time, I was unhappy with the person in the mirror.

Constantly stressed out.

No energy to keep up with the demands of my family.

I tried starvations diets, marathon cardio sessions, detoxes and diet pills.

But I just ended up burnt out and binge eating.

None of it worked.

If this sounds too familiar, YOU’RE NOT ALONE!

To date, we’ve helped over 100 Temecula women reclaim their health, fitness and confidence.

I know you’ve been burned before from all of the quick fixes you’ve tried.

You need to understand that it’s not your fault nothing has worked.

We’re sick of seeing moms like you failing over and over again. 😧

If you’re unhappy with what you see in the mirror and you’re committed to doing something about it…

Give us 7 days to show you how you can begin to love yourself again.

Let us show you how to build a body you love using short, intense workouts and our high energy, group atmosphere.

Our community is so welcoming and encouraging.

What’s going to happen if you try to do it on your own?

What’s going to happen if things DON’T CHANGE?

In 1year from now?
In 2 years from now?
In 5 years from now?

If you’re ready to create LIFETIME RESULTS, you’ve found the answer.

Our 7 Day program will kickstart your health and fitness and you have absolutely nothing to lose…


P.S. Yes, this really is free.


👉 Because I know everything else has failed you up to this point.

So this is our way of proving ourselves to you FIRST.

And if you like what you see, you will have the opportunity to continue working with us.

If you don’t, then that’s fine too. 😊

Either way, you get the 7 days FREE.

Yes, I’m Ready To Start My Transformation!

What Our Clients Are Saying

“This place is amazing! The workouts are always fun, challenging, but adaptable for every fitness level and the other women members are so nice! No judgy people here! The coaches are knowledgeable, supportive and inspiring! The owners are wonderful people too. They give back to the community in so many ways”

Kristine F.
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“Flexx Fitness is a great workout, helpful, supportive staff. I lost 28 pounds with their 6-week challenge. I definitely recommend you check it out. Sarah, Veronica and the other trainers are amazing!!”

Kristin L.
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“Great atmosphere, great coaches, great childcare, and seeing great results already! This place really has it all! The workouts are the perfect length for busy schedules, and the overall positive vibes, and community feeling when you walk in are amazing! I love this place…and my kids even look forward to going with me!”

Joyce W.
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“This gym is great! Great atmosphere and equipment. AMAZING trainers, and do able for all levels of fitness. Their fitness program has fantastic nutrition guide that retrains your body to want the right things. Nothing better than exercising with woman who encourage each other at every step.”

Hannah W.
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“I have been working out here for over a year now and love it. The all women’s group setting makes you so comfortable and everyone is there to support each other and lift each other up. It’s very refreshing. The coaches are amazing and give you the encouragement that you need to get through the workout.”

Cyna E.
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“I love Flexx Fitness! They have quick but super challenging workouts, an encouraging environment, coaches that push you to do better and ensure proper form, and free child care!!! I actually look forward to working out there!”

Amber S.
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Real women

Realistic Results

We specialize in transforming women’s bodies and lives through fitness,  nutrition and group accountability.

commit to change

Live Your Best Life

Achieve your fitness goals and live the life you want. Don’t wait until the “right time” because that time may never come. Join our functional fitness studio and change your life starting today.

Yes, I want 7 days of free coaching

Get Your Free 7-Day Coaching Experience.  Apply To Work With Us Today.

Our Awesome Team

We are fortunate to have such a diverse team working for a common goal–to provide the best possiblel service to our clients.

Veronica Cordova


After undergoing her own transformation, she’s dedicated to helping other women achieve sustainable weight loss.

Learn More

Eliu Cordova


A Navy veteran, he’s dedicated to bringing realistic fitness and nutrition to others.

Learn More

Maria Firtuoso


Experienced women’s fitness specialist. A wealth of fitness and coaching knowledge.

Learn More

Tay Espinosa


Functional fitness expert with years of small group training experience.

Learn More

Mariah Yeager


Marine veteran. An all around athlete. Tough, fun and energetic.

Learn More

Lexi Pangandian


Certified Piloxing coach. Brings a new and fun element to our fitness studio.

Learn More

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Frequently Asked Questions

Besides small group training, what other services do you offer?

We believe in providing the best value to our members. We offer nutritional consultations, restorative yoga, Piloxing, and our newest addition Zumba!

And, since most of our clients are moms, we also offer a complimentary Kid’s Corner.

I’m a beginner or haven’t worked out in a while, are your workouts for me?

Absolutely! Our coaches will always push you to do your best but, they’ll take your current conditioning levels into account. Just let our coaches know of any pre-existing conditions or injuries and they’ll gladly provide modifications.

Can’t I just go to a big box gym and take their group classes? I heard they’re less expensive.

Yes, but honestly, will you really go? We care about your fitness journey and our primary focus is YOU. Our success is measured by how well we help you achieve your fitness goals. Something else that sets us apart is our all female atmosphere. You’ll experience a real sisterhood and a true sense of community and make some lifelong friends here.

I still can’t afford a membership. What should I do?

Sometimes you have to make some tough choices. Do you get the mani/pedi, get your hair done and lash extensions, or do you invest in your health? The choice is yours, and it depends how badly you want to make a real change.

Plus, you can work with us FREE for 7 days. Once you see the value of what we offer, we know you’ll want to continue working with us.

I just don’t like working out. If I train at Flexx Fitness, will I finally enjoy working out?

We can’t guarantee that you’ll ever, truly enjoy working out. But, we can guarantee that you’ll enjoy the results. You’ll love our high energy classes and variety. Plus, our coaches and members always make working out FUN!

I’m still not sure I want to commit. Is this really for me?

If you’re not fed up with the way you feel about your current health, fitness and eating habits, then you’re not ready for Flexx Fitness. We will challenge you to make a change, and not just through our workouts, but also through our emphasis on lifestyle change. Real fitness isn’t get fit quick, although our members definitely see rapid physical change. True fitness is a lifelong endeavor that starts with breaking some old habits and creating new ones.

You can apply to work with us FREE for 7 days to see if we’re the right fit for you (and you’re the right fit for us).

I’m ready to start my transformation

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Contact us to inquire about any of our programs. Or stop by. We’d love to talk to you.






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