Our Team

Stronger. Bolder. Better.

Veronica Cordova

Veronica is co-owner of Flexx Fitness along with her husband Eliu.

She is a native of San Diego and is a graduate of the San Diego State University School of Business. She has worked extensively in Human Resources, Insurance and Finance, and now brings her business expertise to Flexx Fitness.

She currently manages the Flexx Fitness studio, all while raising three boys and supporting her husband as he finishes up a 20 year Navy career.

She is also Zumba certified and will be bringing this high energy, dance style of group classes to Flexx Fitness in 2019.

Her affinity for fitness began when she joined the studio in 2017. Nothing had worked for her in the past. She spent her 20’s and 30’s yo-yo dieting, going up and down in weight and little by little gaining additional pounds with each pregnancy. She finally discovered success in the high intensity workouts and community offered here.

Today, she is the healthiest she’s ever been, even more so than when she was in her 20’s.

She has found a supportive sisterhood at Flexx Fitness, and hopes to share her passion for living a healthier lifestyle with other women.

Eliu Cordova

Eliu Cordova, along with his wife Veronica, is co-owner of Flexx Fitness.

He works mostly behind the scenes programming workouts and marketing the business, although you may see him occasionally popping in at the studio to pick up the kids, say hello to his wife, or as substitute coach for a class or two.

He's a retired Navy Chief, having served as an Aegis Fire Controlman onboard guided-missile cruisers and destroyers.

He's been involved in fitness for over 30 years. He wrestled in high school and earned a second degree black belt in Taekwondo during college.

He taught martial arts classes for children and adults for three years prior to joining the Navy. He's also trained in Muay Thai, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, MMA, and Krav Maga.

He also over 5 years experience as a Navy fitness instructor having completed the demanding five-day Navy Command Fitness Leader course. He's happy and honored to share his experience with the Flexx Fitness Team.

Maria Firtuoso

Maria’s passion is coaching and helping people achieve fitness success. She can relate to the struggle of staying fit and has made it her life’s work to help as many women as she can achieve their fitness goals through healthy eating and exercise.

She is a certified personal trainer through the World Instructor Training School with several years of coaching experience.

She chose to become a coach at Flexx Fitness because she loves our structured workouts, team atmosphere, nutritional guidance and believes that we have “the most amazing and supportive community of women who lift each other up.”

She welcomes more women in the Temecula area to try Flexx Fitness to see how we can help them achieve their full potential and to create a stronger body and mind.

We are fortunate to have Coach Maria as part of the Flexx Fitness team, and welcome her guidance and expertise.

Mariah Jaeger

Mariah served her country for 7 years as a US Marine. She brings that same dedication, drive and intensity to the Flexx Fitness Team.

Her passion is helping others achieve their health goals and showing them that they have the power to destroy barriers along their fitness journey.

Her enlistment in the Marine Corps gave her the strength to push herself in all facets of fitness, and the courage to become an accomplished distance runner while also competing in weight lifting. She's always up for the challenge of motivating and encouraging others to be the best versions of themselves.

She began her fitness journey in Taekwondo in her younger years, transitioning into an array of  other sports during high school such as volleyball, football, wrestling and track. Her competitive spirit and love for athletics drove her desire to learn more about fitness.

She initially joined Flexx Fitness as a 6-week challenger, then quickly fell in love with the atmosphere and high pace and vibe of the coaching staff. She knew that she wanted to be a big part of this supportive and empowered community.

When she's not coaching and motivating ladies in the Flexx Fitness studio with her high energy style, she enjoys long hikes, socializing with friends and reading or watching her favorite horror stories and movies. She also enjoys living her best life with her husband Christopher Jaeger and their three kitties Rogue, Ciara and Monaco.

We are pleased to have Mariah as a member of the Flexx Fitness Team.